2008 Annual Report
Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Deepening Our Impact: Science

Photo by Pete StetsonGulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) staff have entered into an exciting partnership with the Patagonia Sur Foundation, an organization that shares GMRI’s vision for ecosystem research and management. GMRI is helping Patagonia Sur develop strategies for their work that will create positive impacts on research and conservation in the Melimoyu Bay region of Patagonia. Don Perkins, GMRI president, along with scientists Andrew Pershing, Graham Sherwood, and Peter Stetson spent time in Patagonia meeting with Patagonia Sur staff, setting up research sites and getting to know the ecology of a new area.

During their time in Patagonia, GMRI scientists created a sampling plan in Melimoyu Bay, hiked through dense rain forest and met with Chilean research scientists working in areas similar to GMRI. Peter spent an additional three months in Melimoyu, investigating the marine and riparian ecosystems surrounding the research station. His blog documents the difficulty of doing scientific research in such a remote area—equipment gets caught up in customs and Internet access is sporadic at best. Peter also got to know the locals, gathering data on native fish populations as well as documenting other species such as orcas, Darwin’s beetles, and Magellanic penguins.  

Photo by Pete Stetson

GMRI’s work in Patagonia reflects our willingness to share our knowledge of marine ecosystems and our experience bringing together diverse stakeholders invested in those ecosystems. The Patagonia Sur Foundation is working on issues similar to GMRI, such as fisheries and oceanography, in a remote area where little research has been done. This partnership allows GMRI to take our mission further afield and use it to guide sustainability and science far outside the Gulf of Maine. Photos by Pete Stetson.

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