2008 Annual Report
Gulf of Maine Research Institute
We deeply appreciate your support – without you the Gulf of Maine Research Institute could not exist. Your donations fuel our efforts to catalyze solutions to the complex challenges of ocean stewardship and economic growth in the Gulf of Maine bioregion.
Thank You

Gifts in Honor

Honor / Memorial Gifts

Gifts in Memory of:

Edward McC. Blair
by Ann S. Waldron

Kingsley Alcid Brown
by Scott E. Brown

Robert & Nancy Carter
by Gregory R. Carter

Donald W. Perkins Sr.
by Patricia & Howard Ellis III

James & Barbara Perry
by Caryn & Joseph Radziucz Jr.

David C. Semonite
by Jean C. Semonite

Thelma Swain
by Virginia Swain & Harry Beskind

Faye Hamlin Daniel
by Suzanne Hamlin & Ian Kahn

Gifts in Honor of:

Becky Thompson
by Suzanne Hamlin & Ian Kahn

Don Perkins
by Roger K. Berle

Staff of GMRI
by Phyllis & Dan Dunitz

Thacher & Frances Smith
by Blaine & Charles Grimes

Nancy & Vincent McKusick
by Ann E. McKusick & Thomas Anastasio


Mrs. Bruce Smart
by Polly & Newton Merrill

Julie F. Hale
by Abigail & Michael Quigley

Blaine S. Grimes
by Jaye & Carl Smith

Charlotte B. Stein
by Edward H. Stein

Brendan & Tyler Ready
by Timothy Stickney